Glazing Facing Another Kick In the Teeth

The government looks to have eliminated glazing on the list of eligible measures for yet another supplemented energy saving scheme despite calls from the GGF for the industry to put its case forward before Christmas.

The Energy Company Obligation or ECO+ Scheme is the latest plan by the government to secure supplements or grants to help improve the thermal efficiency of British homes. Despite windows and doors being the home improvement of choice for most UK residents, scheme, after scheme does not or barely includes them.


 “The ECO+ Scheme aims to provide the rapid installation of energy efficiency measures to a wider pool of households, including those in the lowest income brackets and those in the least energy efficient homes in the lower council tax bands.”

– John Agnew 

Group managing director, Glass & Glazing Federation


Defeated by deadline?

Agnew was speaking ahead of the December 2022 deadline for window businesses to respond to the ‘Design of the Energy Company Obligation’ consultation. He added: “The aim of the ECO+ Scheme is to cut energy bills and reduce fuel poverty in the face of significant energy price rises. Glazing should be included as a means of achieving this, so we need to collectively challenge the omission of windows and doors from the scheme.” Sadly, unless an avalanche of protest was received, it is unlikely the government will be persuaded.



Replacing windows and doors with those that meet the latest building regulations can save homeowners approximately £470 per year on their heating bills at the current capped rates but sadly the industry is likely not to retrospectively be included in the scheme that will run from 2023 to 2026 at a value of £1 billion over the three years and homeowners will be denied the opportunity to achieve a completely energy efficient building envelope.


Picture: The ECO+ Scheme is intended to help million reduce their energy bills but thermally efficient windows and doors will not be included unless an avalanche of protests were received by the government by 22 December 2022.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
11th January 2023


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