Counted In, Counted Out

A stop go system at an entrance.

Knowing the true occupancy and the flow of people in and out of a store, office or building is now more important than ever. One supplier can provide a 'traffic light' in/out counting system.

As the figures for Covid remain high and the need for Lockdowns and Tier restrictions continue to be part of everyday life, government advice demands that retailers limit the numbers in store by calculating the maximum number of customers that can reasonably follow social distancing guidelines.  

Unsurprisingly this has led to queues forming outside many shops and so the need for queue management. So far this has meant a member of staff, sometimes two, standing at the door counting people in and then counting them out again - a time-consuming task which is liable to errors.  And not the best use of staff that could be more profitably engaged elsewhere and not ideal for the staff member left standing in the cold!

A solution that provides queue management automatically can save money, make better use of staff and meet government requirements is what’s required.

Geze, a specialist in door and window control technology, has introduced Geze Counter, a customer flow control solution specifically addresses these challenges.

The two systems, Geze Counter Plus and Geze Counter Connect integrate with automatic doors to provide controlled admission by a simple but effective traffic light system and meets the need for social distancing.

Geze Counter systems provide analytics by hour, day or week to give management greater control and ensure the health and safety of employees and customers.


 “The Geze Counter systems are a cost-effective way to manage the number of people in and out of a building and it frees up a number of staff who can be more productively employed elsewhere in the building.”

– Adam Presdee 

Service Director, Geze


Traffic lights

The systems employ a simple traffic light arrangement – wait whilst the light is red and the doors are de-activated, and enter when the light is green. There are two versions available, an internet or cloud based system for full analysis, control and management either locally or at head office, or a local network system to a designated PC or smart phone to view, control or manage analytics in store.

Customer flow control and successful store layout for maximising sales have always played an important role for retailers. But now, the main task of flow control systems is to ensure that only the correct number of persons can enter a building or rooms under control and safely. This allows each customer to better socially distance themselves, they feel safer and retailers comply with government guidelines.  Escape routes are unaffected. Customers easily identify that the retailer or site management have thought seriously about the issue and acted accordingly, with a visible solution, generally giving a much more pleasant experience once indoors.

Picture: A stop go system at an entrance.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
25th February 2021


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