A Commercial Success - GGF Beats Lockdown Blues

Anda Gregory MD FENSA

Wednesday 9 December saw GGF Commercial MD Anda Gregory report that despite Covid difficulties, 2020 has still been a remarkable year for each of the division’s brands.

In a summary of the performance during 2020 of the companies that comprise the GGF Commercial Group, including FENSA, BFRC, Installsure and RISA, Gregory told journalists that each of the brands under her management have performed well, despite the uncertainties posed by the pandemic. Gregory also gave an indication of what the industry may expect from these brands during the forthcoming year,


 “I am so proud of how we’ve dealt with the challenges thrown at us this year. The businesses have shown themselves to be robust and in high demand throughout the year which gives us huge confidence going into 2021 and beyond that we will continue to grow incrementally.”

– Anda Gregory 

Managing Director, GGF Commercial



FENSA enjoyed a strong start to 2020, according to Gregory, followed by a period of a moratorium on installations imposed by the lockdown sanctions. Once working safely in people's homes was an established principle, installation numbers recovered quickly - with recent months being busier than the same period last year as homowners committed to proceeding with stalled projects.


FENSA Lead Generation scheme

Two particular highlights were the August launch of the FENSA Lead Generation scheme which has so far seen more than 1,000 Approved Installers receive a lead from the FENSA website. FENSA also saw a huge increase in the numbers of installers applying to join the organisation, with more than 1,000 in the first half of the year alone.



Commenting on FENSA’s performance during 2020, Chris Beedel, Director of Membership told journalists who had gathered via Zoom: “What we’ve achieved this year is remarkable. We’re seeing increases in the volumes of work from last year since returning to work from the first lockdown and a huge number of companies applying to join FENSA - the most in a single year since we launched in 2002.

"To see our FENSA Approved Installers winning so much work and booking ahead for months to come, is incredibly encouraging and especially that the industry will continue to thrive in the face of COVID-19.”

Beedel added that a number of new initiatives would be launched in 2021, all of which continued the focus on providing tangible value for FENSA Approved Installers.


The British Fenestration Rating Council

Gregory reported that BFRC is becoming UKAS Accredited, a major step in the development of the body as it formally recognises that the organisation is competent to perform its certification operations.

Additionally, BFRC also launched its Noise Reduction Ratings Scheme which is designed to do for noise control performance of windows and doors what it has successfully achieved for energy performance. The scheme has already seen its first sign ups, with licences to be issued early in 2021.

BFRC Operations Director Lis Clarke said: “We’ve been fortunate in that we have been relatively unaffected by the pandemic. Our customers have seen the value that comes with our BFRC ratings and alongside the new Noise Reduction scheme and other new initiatives soon to follow, we have every reason to be optimistic that 2021 will be a bumper year.”



Installsure, the GGF’s industry-specific insurance division, has also enjoyed a record year of applications according to Gregory. The Competent Roofer Scheme has also added depth to the Installsure portfolio that includes IBG and commercial insurance schemes, developed with installation businesses in mind.

Head of Operations at Installsure, Irene Akpojaro, commented: “I can’t remember a year busier than the one we’ve just encountered. Application numbers are through the roof and we have some strong new partnerships in place that will help the business grow next year.”




Delivering professional, independent and impartial inspection & auditing across the UK, RISA also enjoyed a good year overall despite being prohibited from making site inspections during the first lockdown. RISA’s Expert Witness service was launched earlier in 2020 and became an immediate success, with demand from homeowners, installers and solicitors looking for independent expert advice to help avoid litigation or to back up claims.

RISA Director of Operations Dave Mechem, praised his team for the way they adapted to pandemic conditions to ensure their service reached out to its clients: “The way our own team and installers across the country, have adapted to the circumstances this year is brilliant to see. We’ve kept the business running at pre-pandemic levels whilst ensuring our staff, installers and homeowners remain safe. It’s been a challenge but it has also given us an opportunity to look at our procedures and some of the changes we have made this year will serve us well when things return to normal.”



Summarising, Gregory gave hints of some of the extensive projects and activities planned for each of the GGF Commercial Division’s brands and confirmed that she expected the performance of each to be even more positive: “As we have learned to operate safely and effectively under pandemic conditions, our services have become more effective and demand has certainly grown. As life returns to some sort of normality, we expect wider take up of the services we offer. I am very optimistic for 2021.”

Picture: Anda Gregory - Managing Director, FENSA.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
10th December 2020


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