Tradition Comes To New Build

Masterframe's sash windows also carry PAS 24 and Secured by Design accreditation

Traditional styles are back in style in the new-build market says Masterframe's National Sales Manager Richard Howe.

Howe says: “It’s all about the symmetry. Georgian architects famously used symmetrical designs and multi-pane windows, whilst Victorian homes often feature bay and sliding sash windows – all features which are still popular trends with homeowners.

"The big problem is that there just aren’t enough original 18th and 19th century homes to go around and the ones that are still structurally sound, usually come with quite a significant price tag.

“This doesn’t stop property buyers wanting traditional style though, so we are seeing lots of new-build developers building homes that replicate the symmetrical design cues from these eras. Getting the window right is an essential part of the build because they are such an important feature in traditional design.


 “The new specification Heritage Collection is an option for them, as they deliver on style and performance as well as carrying the right accreditations and standard for the new-build market.”

– Richard Howe 

National Sales Manager, Masterframe


Authentic and Vintage Collections

Heritage Collection has recently been relaunched alongside the Authentic and Vintage Collections with a higher-spec demanded by the new-build sector. The windows have Timberweld joints - the patented method of construction that produces traditional timber style butt joints both on the inside and the outside of the window as standard.

Picture: Masterframe's sash windows also carry PAS 24 and Secured by Design accreditation.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
16th February 2020


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