For Heavy Duties

Norton Clipper has introduced a wide range of battery-powered tools and equipment.

The firm is better known as a supplier of abrasives, sanding strips and saw blades,

The construction industry is demanding that battery powered equipment matches not just wired counterparts but also pneumatic tools and those powered by petrol, diesel.

The new range consists of the CM350 B – masonry saw; the CS352 B – floor saw; the CT601 B – power float; the CFP13 WB – forward compactor; and the CR11 B – upright rammer, along with the B720 – battery and C700 – quick charger.

Utilising a high-performance brushless Honda motor combined with a Honda battery pack, the Norton Clipper battery range provides consistent and reliable performance. Each machine has a single switch operation, making start-up quick, easy and hassle-free. When it comes to connecting and switching the battery, it takes just a few seconds.

Low maintenance, minimising downtime, and providing a fume-free working environment are priorities of the Norton Clipper battery-powered range, making this new range of machines safer and cleaner and allowing operators to work indoors and outdoors.

The 'one battery fits all' solution optimises efficiency and performance without noise, vibrations or petrol/diesel fumes. In addition, the battery-powered machinery promotes the switch to sustainable construction equipment, which can help improve safety and air quality for workers and those working and living in the surrounding area.

The Norton Clipper battery range is designed to perform with reduced vibrations during use. This significantly improves operator comfort, thus reducing fatigue, so operators can continually use machinery for increased amounts of time with minimal strain on the user.


For those installers turning their hand to flooring projects, Norton Clipper now has a range of flooring machines, tools and vacuums.

Whether you require a compact machine with edge-grinding functionality such as the CG 280 or a machine designed for more demanding larger jobs, such as the CG 450, the Norton Clipper floor solutions range offers a versatile selection of advanced grinding tools and accessories that include prep wings, grind wings, polish pads and finish pads. The accessories are all colour-coded and come with a quick fastening application.

Polishing – you can enhance and refine concrete floors with a sleek and reflective finish with the Norton Clipper three-head planetary machines. When combined with compatible polish and finish pads, these machines provide for every step, from surface refinement to fine polishing and finishing. The compact CG 450 UNO is ideal for smaller jobs, with the larger CG550 and CG550 UNO capable of tackling larger and more demanding projects.

Cleaning – from deep scrubbing to delicate cleaning, the Norton Clipper CG Clean 430 is perfect for tasks such as dewaxing, shining, and micro-sanding while also being gentle enough for delicate surfaces like carpets and rugs. This machine is compatible with a range of brushes and pad accessories to help you restore and maintain a range of flooring surfaces.

Sanding – The CG Wood 430 features a counter-rotating planetary sander with four heads, making it an excellent choice for pre-grinding, sanding, oiling, brushing and finishing a range of wooden floors, including hardwood and parquet. The flexible skirt provides maximum dust extraction to help minimise dust when in operation. The CG Wood 430 is compatible with self-grip sanding discs, screenbak discs and non-woven finishing and polishing pads.



RazorStar abrasive belts from Norton Abrasives are made with 100% precision-engineered shaped ceramic grain for metal grinding, preparation, bevelling, and deburring applications across various industries, including fabrication.

RazorStar performs in manual and machine-assisted or fully robotic grinding operations, particularly medium to high-pressure metal removal applications. The grain's shape consists of two linear regions joining to form razor-sharp tips. Each grain fractures into similar sharp profiles during grinding to consistently produce uniform shapes, which ensures a high initial cut and continued performance throughout the product life.

The performance of RazorStar is thanks to a patent-pending method that positions more grains in an upright position compared to other ceramic products, meaning more grains are primed and ready to cut.

Industry standard-sized belt sizes are available and custom dimensions are available upon request. Fibre discs are available in typical diameters, including 115mm, 125mm and 180mm.Image


Picture: For heavy dusty jobs, Norton Clipper has a battery-powered range along with floor sanders and abrasive products.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
22nd April 2024


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