The Circular Economy In Action

An agreement between fabricator Glazerite and Veka Recycling for all virgin offcut material and limited volumes of post-consumer frames to be collected and recycled, has created the ideal window industry circular economy model.

Glazerite fabricates in Veka and Halo window and door PVC-U systems.

The deal sees virgin offcuts from Glazerite’s Wellingborough, Peterborough and Bolton manufacturing operations, in addition to frames removed from selected installation sites, collected and returned to Veka Recycling’s advanced PVC-U reprocessing facility in Wellingborough.

With Veka PLC’s Burnley extrusion facility now a large volume user of recycled pellet from its sister organisation, much of the material returned from Glazerite may then be returned to them in the form of brand-new profiles to again be manufactured as new windows and doors.


Intrinsic value

Darren Rhodes, managing director of Glazerite’s north-west division, led the negotiations for the new contract: “Inevitably there are offcuts from the production of new frames despite Glazerite using advanced manufacturing techniques throughout our facilities, but this material remains intrinsically valuable. We also have agreements on a number of installation sites for which we support installer customers, by removing old frames from site.

“Veka Recycling has provided a solution for Glazerite and a number of our customers, by efficiently removing the material through bins placed at our sites. This reduces disposal costs and contributes significantly to Glazerite’s commitment to reducing the company’s carbon footprint. It also enables us to support our customers by providing recycling facilities, now a commitment demanded by public sector and larger landlords for refurbishment projects.”


The circle

Collection bins are placed at Glazerite’s factories and at sites such as the eight-storey housing project being installed for Warrington Borough Council housing by Glazerite customer K2 Aluminium Systems, from where they are returned directly to Veka Recycling’s Wellingborough site for immediate reprocessing.

The reprocessed PVC-U Pellet is 100% quality inspected to specification and ready to be extruded into new products such as ducting for air conditioning and electrical cabling and new window and door frames.


Picture: The ‘perfect’ PVC-U circular economy has been created between Glazerite and Veka Recycling.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
15th February 2023


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