New Palace Gets Right Royal Refurb

Neues Schloss Palace in Stuttgart

The windows of the New Palace in Stuttgart are being given a right royal refurb. Georgian bar from Swisspacer has been used to minimise impact on the U-value of the windows.

Holzmanufaktur Rottweil, the woodworking company commissioned with the job, was employed as it has  demonstrated a recognition of tradition in accordance with the modern requirements of building energy efficiency.

The palace (which was rebuilt after the war) consists of two full-height floors and a half-height floor, which is formed as a mezzanine with a continuous façade or as an attic level with a steep mansard roof. The classic punctuated façade is characterised by rectangular windows, arched or pointed windows and finally round windows in the dormers.

The latest project will see about 530 wooden windows refurbished.


 “We restore and repair historic fittings such as windows, doors, floors and wood panelling. Existing quality is combined with new quality, regardless of whether the work involves restorations, repairs or additions.”

– Adelina Bytyci-Dodolli 

Authorised Officer, Holzmanufaktur Rottweil


Conservation principles

“As many heavily utilised windows, doors, stairs or floors have justified claims to thermal, acoustic and safety-related improvements, convincing solutions have to be found for the technical implementation,” continued Bytyci-Dodolli. “If too much is changed or changed too insensitively, the elements lose their historic legibility. Conservation and restoration does not mean standing still or some form of technical regression.”



The client decided to fit the old single-glazed composite windows in the outer level with insulated glass units. The highly efficient Climaplus Xtreme solar control glass from Saint-Gobain was chosen, which is extremely translucent and at the same time offers maximum transparency. “In doing so, our employees can only carry out the work on the windows from outside without any scaffolding erected in front of the façade, which represents a considerably logistical effort,” says Bytyci-Dodolli. "The restoration encompasses the careful restoration and surface treatment and repair of the window frames, as well as the renewal of seals, tapes and putty bevels."


Spacer bar

Swisspacer Advance spacer bar was also used for the new glass installs.

Picture: The New Palace in Stuttgart.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
26th November 2020


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