More Authentic Vertical Sliders

MD Ben Weber explains how he believes Quickslide’s new slim-line meeting rail on its Legacy VS will make it the most authentic timber-look sash window available on the market.

The latest iteration of Quickslide’s Legacy VS will be available later this year and the most obvious difference will be its new slim-line meeting rail.

At just 37mm, it is over a centimetre narrower than before and one of the slimmest and most traditionally styled on offer.

“Legacy is all about marrying the character and charm of traditional heritage windows with the performance of modern fenestration,” said Webber.

“Period detailing such as timber-look mechanical joints, seamless run-through sash horns, an authentic curvy ovolo frame and deep bottom rail make the Legacy VS, in my opinion, almost indistinguishable from the traditional timber designs on which it is designed.”

Having viewed the window, The Installer can confirm just how much like a traditional wooden VS Legacy looks.


Spot the difference

“With this new slim-line meeting rail it will be even harder to spot the difference between our Legacy VS and an actual timber sash window,” said Webber. “The construction of the meeting rail has been considerably altered so we have been able to condense it down, creating this more desirable, authentic slim rail that is even more faithful to the original timber sash window design.”


Refined run-through horns

Quickslide discontinued plant-on horns for the Legacy VS last year in favour of premium run-through horns as the only sash horn option. Webber said: “Our decision to discontinue the option of plant-on horns last year not only streamlined our production process, it also better catered for the demand for authentic heritage features.”

“It also meant we could focus our efforts on making our integrated run-through sash horns look even more authentic. We’ve refined the end cap on our run-through horn, removing a detail which gave away close up that the window is made of PVC-U. It’s these details which are so important to building up the whole authentic heritage picture.”


Smart security

Previously only available as a retrofit, Avia’s intelligent sash fastener has been launched as part of the Legacy VS range. Designed especially for sash windows, this lock can now be requested as part of the initial window spec.

The technology enables homeowners to tell at a glance of their phone whether their windows are open or closed. Alerts can be set up to be sent to Apple devices, providing peace of mind away from home. Aviva also has its own App and Mighton Products, the firm behind Avia, also told The Installer at FIT that its systems will soon work as seamlessly with Android as they do with Apple.


More colour options

Quickslide has introduced exclusive dual foils, which are available now for its vertical sliders.

“Our new 18,500sq.ft dedicated foiling facility increased our in-house foiling capacity by 30%, allowing us to introduce additional new colour options, including exclusive dual foils,” Webber told The Installer after the FIT Show. “We appealed directly to our trade partners to find out which dual colours would sell best, and we now offer exterior/interior combinations of grey woodgrain/heritage white and agate grey/heritage white. We’ve also included a white woodgrain/smooth white option for VS from stock.

“Increasing our in-house foiling capacity will enable us to bring out more new colourways quickly and cost effectively as trends change. In addition, our partnership with colour-coating specialists Kolorseal means we can offer bespoke finishes too.”


The most authentic

Webber added: “When we entered the market, our aim was to create the most authentic, timber look sash windows that combine all the modern benefits of PVC-U. That is an ongoing commitment for us, as we are always looking at the best ways to enhance both the style and performance.

“Our new Legacy VS is a continuation of this journey and, when the slim meeting rail becomes available later this year, we believe it will offer the market the most authentic timber-look sash window yet.”


Pictures: A first look at Quickslide’s Legacy VS.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
20th July 2023


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