Modern Modular – And Moving

One fabricator says Deceuninck Aluminium’s modern design has got his firm moving quickly in the sector because it is modular, robust and thermally efficient – and popular with installers and homeowners.

Spectral Windows was established during the coronavirus lockdown in 2020 by Jason Wilder, Phil Redfern, Scott McQueen and Nick Rudd.

After getting operations underway with two Deceuninck PVC-U lines – one welded and one fully mechanical – the team turned its attention to aluminium.

Rudd says: “The Decalu88 bi-folding door was new and we started making it as soon as we could. And it’s been a real hit with our installer database.

”Deceuninck Aluminium was one of the first aluminium systems companies to launch a pre-gasketed system, which means there's no time-consuming feeding gaskets in on site.”


Modular plan

Deceuninck Aluminium is committed to developing a modular range of windows and doors which share many of the same components. This is good for installers, as it is easy to create a uniform appearance across all glazing elements if you don’t have multiple beads on site.

Fabricators only need to stock four separate products which saves space and requires less detailed logistics. Reducing stock holding releases money and keeps prices keen for installer customers.



Rudd says: “We also like the fact that most of the colours are the same price, whereas you tend to pay a big premium for non-standard colours with other systems companies.”



Spectral Windows also discovered a significant pull through in demand form homeowners who were focusing more on the energy efficiency of their home improvements, with window companies looking for thermal performance built in, not accommodated as an afterthought.

“It's an 88mm front-to-back system, so it's got a bigger thermal break than a lot of the other systems on the market and it can take up to a 60mm triple glazed sealed unit,” says Rudd. “So, it's a real winner when it comes to U-values.

“Installers also like it is because it has slim sightlines and you can comfortably do a three-pane door at the same size that others need four panes to achieve…which is cheaper whilst being easier on the eye.”


Picture: Deceuninck Aluminium has helped Spectral Windows to a full suite of Decalu matching products.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
12th July 2023


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