Maxing Out On Fuel Card Savings

“While Fleetmaxx is growing a name for its fuel cards that help businesses save on diesel and petrol costs, a new website focuses on additional services that amplify cost efficiency,” marketing manager, Steve Clarke has told The Installer.

One of the highlights is Fleetmaxx' own manufactured licensed AdBlue (called Fleetblue), which is 50% cheaper than forecourt prices.

The company has also introduced EV charge cards. Furthermore, the business homecharge service is designed to assist in charging EVs used for work at home, unlocking savings of up to 60% on charging costs.

The firm also offers tracking and telematics services to give 24/7 visibility of vehicles. This enhances operational efficiency and reduces costs by encouraging improved driver behaviours. In addition there is insurance, vehicle leasing and route optimisation.


Picture: Fleetmaxx’ marketing manager, Steve Clarke.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
01st February 2024


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