Can We Really Move And Is Love And Affection On Hold?

One in five Brits are halting home improvements as they struggle to find tradespeople and living costs spiral, despite feeling their homes desperately need a bit of love and affection.

This is according to a survey by The Residence Collection. Following increased mortgage and interest rates, the housing market is under pressure. Consumer prices have reached decades’ highs.

In light of this, window and door designer, The Residence Collection, has surveyed British people on home renovation to find out which home items are the least commonly replaced and are in the biggest need of an upgrade. It seems a multitude of factors have been halting homeowners' desire to upgrade home items for some time.


The new data established the main reasons why homeowners aren’t making the improvements or upgrades they need. These are:

  1. Costs too much (47%).
  2. Inconvenient for daily life (28%).
  3. Struggling to find the right tradespeople (20%).
  4. Planning to move home (18%).
  5. Not sure what to buy (16%).

While naturally the cost of home improvements coming out on top was no surprise, considering the increasing operational and material prices substantially rising, which has led to an average of 17% increase for jobs in the home.

However, convenience and knowledge-based factors were also a concern for homeowners when it came to renovations. Having the knowledge to find the right tradesperson (20%) and being unsure what to buy (16%) were both top reasons why homeowners were putting off improvements in their properties.


The knowledgeable contractor

This suggests that once the right tradesperson is found that they must play an advisory role to reassure homeowners on cost, the effects on daily life, time constraints and the best quality products.


The research also found that the top five home features that British homeowners have never gotten round to replacing, include:

  1. Roof (48%).
  2. Doors (28%).
  3. Windows (27%).
  4. Fences (21%).
  5. Bathroom furniture (14%).

With the energy efficiency and security benefits of high-quality windows and doors, surprisingly more than a quarter (27% and 28% respectively) had never installed new ones in their home. From those surveyed, one in five thought these external features needed replacing every six to 10 years, when in fact those that choose modern and high-quality upgrades, windows can last 20 years and doors could be fully functioning for up to 30 years.


Need overrides want

Commenting on the research, Jo Trotman, marketing manager of the residence collection, said: “In today’s market, many people will have to consider more closely what needs to be replaced in their homes rather than purchasing upgrades that they want. Our research confirms that home improvement jobs that are of a higher price point and can interfere with long periods of daily life have been at the bottom of homebuyer’s agendas but will eventually become a necessity.

“From the survey, some homeowners had never replaced or upgraded their windows, yet it was one of the biggest features in need of replacement. On average, homes need new windows every 20 years or so – and it’s an upgrade that will reap rewards in the long run even though it can be costly at the outset.”


Picture: Research by The Residence Collection has found that the top five home features that British homeowners have never gotten round to replacing

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
04th September 2023


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