Alternative Dispute Resolution Sees Growing Demand In Windows

Fenestration businesses are increasingly turning to alternative dispute resolution methods to settle their disagreements instead of going down the traditional court action route.

Dispute resolution experts Dispute Assist has welcomed a flurry of new fenestration businesses, meaning 25% of its client base is now linked to the sector.

5 Star Windows and Conservatories, which offers its services across the West Midlands, Birmingham and Worcestershire; and Thermal Home Improvements, which is based across Liverpool and Merseyside are the latest two window firms to turn to Dispute Assist.

These new clients will now have access to a range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods if disputes arise, including mediation, conciliation, arbitration and expert determination.



In 2022, fenestration equated to around 8% of all disputes resolved by Dispute Assist. Workmanship was a key issue, accounting for 76% of the disputes that arose in relation to windows and doors and 66% in relation to conservatory and orangery cases.

By optimising ADR methods, businesses can achieve resolutions with customers that are cheaper, quicker and less stressful than going through the courts. Businesses are also required to signpost ADR to customers to be compliant with legislation.



Tracy Dilworth, a senior dispute resolution officer at Dispute Assist, says: “Increasingly, fenestration businesses have been turning to dispute resolution services to resolve problems with customers over installations, suggesting a sector that has long been affected by reputational issues is turning a new leaf and looking to boost its customer service offering.

“Glazing businesses work hard to build a good reputation, yet disputes are commonplace throughout this industry. By utilising ADR services to their advantage, businesses can ensure they protect themselves and their customers if issues arise. 

“Offering Dispute Assist as part of a service contract offers customers peace of mind that they will be listened to if issues arise further down the line and it advertises to prospective clients that customer service is prioritised by a business.

“Having an ADR provider lined-up also means glazing professionals can access resolutions quickly and at no extra cost, enabling them to get on with their work.”


Picture: The fenestration sector is turning to alternative dispute resolution to solve customer issues.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
12th May 2023


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